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Thank you for supporting the ingenuity and gumption of families who use these sales to make ends meet.  You transform our world into one where neighbors help neighbors.

1 Child for 1 Year

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Our typical student's childhood is typically not as full of parent-child quality time as the parent would prefer. The reason most of the time is that the parent is working two or three jobs to maintain his or her ability to provide for the child. This give and take is what our class attempts to mitigate on the side of parent-child quality time.

This class gives the parent more time with his or her elementary-aged child.

When you take all of the costs associated with having this class, providing the supplies, supporting volunteers, measuring effectiveness, formalizing efforts and insuring it all for safety's sake, then divide that number by 350 children expected to attend, you come to an annual cost of $420 for one parent-child team to attend, or $35 per month.

Very few of the families partaking in this course can afford that cost.

If you are considering this level of annual giving, we will choose one child that is receiving your funds for the year, and we will give you regular updates on what lessons the child is learning, and what the parent-child team is making together.

Looking for a lower, regular monthly giving option? Give as low as $1/month (and we'll still love you for it!) or as much as you are comfortable with, over at Patreon.

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