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Stone Builder


water in a forest
clement  –  /ˈkle-mənt/  (adj.)  1. mild, peaceful, calming;  2. merciful.


  • The purpose that lies within every one of our programs is to CELEBRATE the CONSCIOUS DISCOVERY made possible in NATURE'S HEALING SPACES.


  • We do this so as to create a sure sense of PURPOSEFUL, UNIVERSAL BELONGING in all participants; and so as to support EMERGING, LOCALIZED RESTORATIVE EMPOWERMENT efforts.


  • Because self-beliefs of empowerment and universal belonging support the PREVENTIVE AND REACTIVE HEALTH measures FREELY AND READILY PROVIDED by nature.


  • Our program planning process fully considers SCIENTIFIC GUIDANCE, and RATIONAL CONSIDERATION from MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES.



Growing Food, Gaining Peace, Building Space from the Ground Up



Our network helps families living in USDA Food Deserts around KC to grow their own kitchen gardens. We welcome helpers in greenhouses, in gardens, and at home growing their own heirloom varieties of food so that each year's seed will be resilient in KC's unique and changing climate.


Being part of a larger effort to grow food independence while gaining the benefit of that hands-in-dirt proven boost of mood and longevity—it's gratifying and good for you.


Regular nature therapy sessions bring peace of mind to people seeking calm, but they also have been shown to reduce stress levels and restore immune system function. Our certified sessions are open to partners and to the public.


We are acting with like-minded organizational partners to widen access to nature therapy for people of color to engage as both receivers and deliverers of the service, as not enough effort has been made to include everyone in this particular niche of the health service sector thus far.


We arrange self-study and self-care in retreat environments in individual and group settings within the lens of humans as part of nature.


Our volunteer events focus on restoring natural habitat utilizing non-chemical methods of invasive plant extraction combined with selective replacement using native and edible plants. Our events, journeys and retreats assist with the identification of nature's interaction with people and people's role in communities at local and global scales.


All events first acknowledge the Earth and the people who came before us, and call to attention the real stories known by the people of that geographic location, creating common ground of human experience primed for collaborative action.

nature is our everything

"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another."

Mohandas Ghandi

"We need to shift toward protecting and healing ecosystems on every level, especially the local. On a cultural level, we need to reintegrate human life with the rest of life, and bring ecological principles to bear on social healing."

Christopher Einstein (2018). "Climate: A New Story"

"The relationship we have with everything that Earth offers, it's about reciprocity.  That's the only way we are going to learn how to shift our culture from an extraction culture to a balanced and harmonious culture with the land."

Xiye Bastida, environmental advocate and Otomi-Toltec tribe member

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