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TITLE: Board Member
TERM: Three years
RESPONSIBLE TO: fellow Board Members


  • Overall governance of agency by establishing and monitoring policies and programs and supporting development and effectiveness of Board of Directors.

  • Establish strategic purpose and direction for agency by participating in regular strategic planning and monitoring performance toward plan’s results.

  • Supervision of Director(s) by hiring and monitoring performance toward general responsibilities and yearly objectives.

  • Fundraising by planning fundraising activities and participation to secure necessary resources to support operations, programs and services.

  • Represent Clement Waters and its programs and services to stakeholders, including community, funders and clients.

  • Ensure financial health of agency through conformance to up-to-date fiscal policies and procedures and through ongoing analysis of financial reports.

  • Ensure effective performance of agency’s programs through ongoing program planning and evaluation.

  • Ensure conformance to federal, state, local and agency policies and procedures.


  • Is a voting member of the Board.

  • Builds collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.

  • Contributes financially to the nonprofit.

  • Regularly attends Board meetings and important related meetings.

  • Makes serious commitment to participate actively in Board and committee work.

  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time.

  • Stays informed about Board policies and committee matters, prepares well for meetings, reviews minutes and reports, and comments about them when necessary.


If you join the Board, you agree that you can provide 3-5 hours a month, which could include attendance to Board and committee meetings, or could include independent work on board objectives. You also agree that you do not currently have any conflict of interest that would stop you from regularly participating in Board decisions.