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Thank you for supporting the ingenuity and gumption of families who use these sales to make ends meet.  You transform our world into one where neighbors help neighbors.

1 Year Supplies for 1 Parent-Child Team

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Thanks to the Gregory Ridge Early Adult Team (now in its 15th year of operations) Deante's Grandpa, a retired road construction worker taking the life-skills course with Deante as his legal guardian, has designed and produced a set of hand-carved ornaments from free sources of discarded or fallen wood around his community.

Now Deante's Grandpa can earn a monthly supplemental income when his set of colorful ornaments sells on this store.

Your monthly $60 supports one year of one parent-child team's supplies that make marketable goods: stains and finishes, threads, wax and little cardboard brand tags.

90% of the proceeds of all e-commerce sales go back to the student's caregiver who made the handcrafted item. Sellers experience no listing fees to put list their items for a 3-month stretch. This pricing scenario is similar but much less pricey than sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon.

Your gift helps us afford that safer sales environment as makers learn business concepts. This safe space created with your $60 fuels new maker businesses' growth paths.

Looking for a lower, regular monthly giving option? Give as low as $1/month (and we'll still love you for it!) or as much as you are comfortable with, over at Patreon.

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