These resources will guide understanding about why "living green" matters.

University of Washington with U.S. Forest Service

Urban Forestry / Urban Greening Research

Trees, parks, gardens, and natural areas enhance quality of life in cities and towns. The experience of nature improves human health and well-being in many ways. Nearly 40 years of scientific studies tell us how.

The U.S. Forest Service weighs in on the effects of nature deprivation on low-income residents of urban areas. Community features that would counteract that deprivation are seen as affluent amenities.

Vibrant Cities Lab helps people connect with the "why" behind urban forests, and the "how" of planning and implementation.

Vibrant Cities Lab helps people connect with the "why" behind urban forests, and the "how" of planning and implementation.

Three African American hikers describe fears and stereotypes they have faced – and why they love hitting the trails.

Visitors to our 4-acre urban forest in Kansas City tell us similar accounts of their internal arguments for and against going into the woods. Fortunately remembrances of lynchings and unexplained disappearances less than a century ago in KC give way to the peaceful effects of a nature walk in the end.

J. Drew Lanham on race, belonging, and a love of nature

If you ever wondered why a person of color's fears about going into nature could ever be justified, read this first-hand account of one man deciding between survival and professional duty in rural America.

A quote from this book sums the benefits of this work up for us: "Although we are now living in a society characterized by urbanization and artificialization, our physiological functions are still adapted to to nature." Those benefits know no race. They're for all.

By Juyoung Lee, Qing Li, Liisa Tyrväinen, Yuko Tsunetsugu, Bum-Jin Park, Takahide Kagawa and Yoshifumi Miyazaki

Published by InTech in 2012; eISBN 978-953-51-0620-3

The Nature Fix:

Why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative

By Florence Williams; Published by W. W. Norton & Co. in 2017; ISBN 978-168-16-8397-3

"This book explores the science of what poets and philosophers have known for eons: place matters." Ms. Williams' work sets up an explanation of why our brains and our bodies need nature.


We are a nonprofit organization that helps people to become better stewards of gifts naturally available to all of humanity: our bodies, our communities and our planet.


A safe, calming nature walk nearby every neighborhood; communities reclaiming the wealth of generational food harvesting wisdoms; low-utility-usage homes built to be affordable for low-income families.




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