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Hands in the Soil


Cultivate  wellness  through  faith  and  nature .

Welcome to Good News Gardens for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church …

… an extension of Christ's demonstrative love, a group of growers dedicated to nurturing our community and the earth, anchored in the Episcopal Church's commitment to Creation Care.


We invite you to connect deeply with dirt and green things, to foster community ties, and to share the transformative power of stewarding creation. Whether you're planting your first seed or you're a seasoned gardener, your hands in the soil can help cultivate a healthier, more connected world.

Join us in growing not just gardens, but hope, faith, and joy in every patch of earth.

Clicking the button will take you to the National Episcopal Church's Good News Gardens information and signup page.

Discover  the  healing  power  of  God's  Creation .

At Clement Waters, we understand the profound impact that nature has on physical and mental well-being. Engaging with God's Creation through gardening can help reduce stress, improve mental health, and enhance physical activity. That's why we stand fully behind this initiative. By joining the National Episcopal Church's Good News Garden movement, you not only grow plants but also nurture your own well-being and deepen your connection to the larger world. Go grow!

Planting Flowers


Growing plants while finding Christ's Good News in your garden is easy and rewarding! Here's how you can start on your journey.

  • Plant: Begin with a small plot or a container garden. Every plant counts!

  • Pray: Reflect on your connection to the earth and your community as you tend your garden.

  • Proclaim: Share your gardening stories and the bounty of your labor with neighbors, friends, and online. Sign up through our easy online form and join a community committed to growth and care.

Sign up through the Episcopal Church's easy online form and join the St. Andrew's community committed to Creation Care and personal growth via growing green good news.

Ready to start your Good News Gardening journey? Sign up now and be a part of a growing community of Good News growers!

How  to  start  your  garden
  1. Choose the Right Location: Most vegetables need about 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.

  2. Prepare Your Soil: Use compost to enrich your soil, ensuring your plants get the nutrients they need.

  3. Water Wisely: Water your plants in the early morning or late evening to minimize evaporation.

  4. Plant Companions: Consider planting herbs and flowers that attract pollinators or deter pests naturally.

Best  tips  for  success
  1. Start Small: A few pots or a small plot can yield plenty of produce and reduce overwhelm.

  2. Think Seasonal: Plant what grows best in the current season for better results. ( can help you figure this out.)

  3. Feed Your Soil: Regularly layer mulch (sometimes compost) around plant stems to keep your soil healthy.

  4. Be Patient: Plants need time to grow. Regular care will lead to a bountiful garden.


As a trusted St. Andrew's parishioner, you already get access to our treasure-trove of hints about which plants, when planted next to each other, simply thrive. Enjoy!

The Savable Seeds List
Germinated Plant
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